Listen to The Easter EP a play & record/spiked Mo collaboration from 2011 and below - a few more of our collaborations with some fine young minds.

Beat It Out

Lyrics by Rafael Muir.

Music written & performed by

Doug from Play And Record.

Egg White & Coloured Sand

Lyrics & lead vocals by Spiked Mo. Music written & performed by Michael from Play And Record.

From an original concept by Kevin Carr (Superstar).

Spirates! by The Spanners

Half deadly bird-eating spider, half pirate - these arachnid buccaneers ate the captain’s parrot, now it’s them on his shoulder. Usually drunk on a type of strong, but disgusting, fermented fly grog.

Can turn very nasty indeed. Written & performed by Spiked Mo & Play And Record.

Egg by Knitted Village ftn. Tot Skeeter

After a stint away with Z-Bed, Teen sensation Skeeter is back for a reunion tour of village halls. Special guests confirmed so far include Lulu, Shabba Ranks and Charlie from Busted. Lyrics & lead vocals by Tot Skeeter. Music by Michael from Play And Record.

Watch the video for this song.