The adventures of Rufus Hound finally came to the screens in the summer of 2010, after starting the writing and recording of the music in the summer of 2009. One year, thirteen complicated episodes and a lot of CGI later -  the series stars Rufus, obviously, as himself and Colin McFarlane as the Evil, but useless, Dr Muhaha.

Play And Record composed, performed and produced the songs, and here you will find the thirteen numbers in their original form, each song under the influence of a different musical style to describe Muhaha’s evil scheme of the week.

Back Of The Sofa by Electric Ga Ga Land

A Sofa-Portal device sucking everything down the back of humanities sofas... all in a day’s work for Rufus Hound. Watch the video.

Under the influence of: Mi’ Lady Ga Ga

Guest Vocals - Lizzie Dean

Toast-O-Lators by Musical Statues

Transformers, robots in disguise... as Toasters. Crumbs!

Under the influence of: Sparks, Brain Of The Adult and The Everly Brothers.

Rufus V’s Rufus by Stoat Music

An evil twin for everyone. Double trouble for Rufus this week.

Under the influence of: The 1970‘s Art school Glam and feather boa boys.

The Mu Show by Poolside

An irresistible, lovable, cartoon version of Dr Mu tries to woo the people of Earth. Watch the video. Under the influence of: the animated lineage of Flintstones, Jetsons and Simpsons.

Guest Vocals - Lizzie Dean & Frazer Collins

Look At The Stars by Wow!

Another evil scheme to boast about, this time it’s the plot to extinguish the stars from the night sky.

Under the influence of: Sweet and all the other glam-bam-thankyou-man brickies in Bacofoil®

The Hounded Songs