young & slightly foolish

As well as playing & recording songs for the young and slightly foolish since 2001, we have actively encouraged musical collaborations with them. Here you can listen to our songs whilst reading the lyrics and learning about the strange collection of musicians and bands in the play and record extended family. You can also watch our ever expanding collection of videos.

adult brains

Listen to the latest songs from Brain Of The Adult. Michael & Douglas in collaboration with Alan Miller again after all these years.

casserole dish

A link to the Bruised Casserole archive - a robust, musical stew that’s been simmering away for over 40 years. Featuring lots more music from Douglas, Michael & many others in the Lake District music scene.  Lovingly archived & digitally re-mastered from the original analogue tapes.

play and record

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Welcome, pop weasels, to the website for play and record.

Showcasing the musical collaborations between Douglas & Michael Cumming.

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