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Mr Mousie by Hank Sugden

Mice really do woo their partners with song by the way, although normally at a frequency inaudible to us humans. Originally released on the first solo LP by Mandibles front man Hank Sugden.

In the undergrowth way down deep

Up in the attic while them humans sleep

Curious crooning can be heard

And it 'aint no tweeting, lovesick bird


It's Mr Mousie, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek

Sing-a-long-a, sing-a-song-a,

Sing-a-long-a, sing, song singing

It's Mr Mousie, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak

Sweet Missy Mousie serenading

In a damp, old cellar in the dismal dark

Leafing through a litter bin in the park

Wee wassailing long into the night

Got a heart of gold and the future looks bright


Busy doing gnaw thing

Then along come love


Scratching a meagre living

Then all hearts and flowers

Strange Pavarotti powers


In a country church in the middle of nowhere

Up a tower block in the smoggy air

Working its way out of the sewer

Wooing the lady that he must procure


Sing your song, all night long

All night long, sing your song…

Sing, sing, sing-a-sing, sing along

Sing, song, sing

Sing, song, sing

Sing-a-long-a, sing-a-song-a,

Sing, song, sing