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Crafty Mining by I, Me, Minecraft

I, Me, Minecraft formed after a 76 hour stint playing the hot new indie video game by creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson. The lyrics are by long term friend of this site - Spiked Mo. Semi retired I.M.M front man Pog Svinge said of the lyric:  “I would never have thought that digital bacon would inspire me to dust off my old ‘Doobie Rhythm’ beat box and record again - but when I saw a giant spider killed by those block-rockin’ rashers I just couldn’t contain myself”. So, lets all go and punch some trees. Watch the video for this song.

Wake up on a beach

Gotta punch some trees

So I can make me a pick

Need to find some coal

Need to make torches

So I can build a house that looks slick


A diamond and a lump of wood

Is all you need to make a record player

Swords and bows and arrows

All you need to be a creeper slayer

You can’t live forever on your bacon, soup and cakes

But a diamond and a lump of wood is all it takes

Running low on torches

Running low on ladders

There's no bedrock in sight

Need to go get some lumber

Sixty fours the number

But it is still night


Making a dark room

Need to get out soon

Before the zombies attack

I sit in the collector

Waiting for some sulphur

In ten minuets I get a stack


Down, under the ground

That’s where I’m going

Down, under the ground

Where lava’s flowing

That’s where I’m going

Lava is flowing, diamonds are glowing 

Diamonds by the stack full,

Iron by the chest full

Got no space for no coal

A room full of Redstone 

Bedrock for my headstone

Gotta throw away my bowl